About UNDA Numbers

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UNDA Numbers act in synergy with specific cell groups or organs, encouraging the body down a path that is self-healing. Biotherapeutic drainage will often take place as the body begins to rebalance, heal and restore cell function.

These plant compounds target organ systems, such as the endocrine or digestive systems, while the minerals work to repair cell efficiency. Operating on a low-potency level, UNDA numbers are non-toxic and do not counteract other botanical medicines or pharmaceuticals.

Typically administered as a combination of three numbers—accompanied oftentimes by more than one type of biotherapeutic drainage—UNDA Numbers are used to alleviate toxicity in the body and target acute illness or chronic diseases, such as gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmunity, ADHD, Autism, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases disrupting everyday life.

UNDA Numbers are usually taken in 3 week cycles; 5 drops up to 6 x daily for acute illness or 5 drops 3 x or more daily for chronic illness in adults, 3 drops 3-5 x daily for acute illness or 5 drops 2 x daily for children. A Naturopathic Doctor observes the body’s response to determine progress.

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