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Acadiana Center for Natural Health believes in finding methods to get the body on track, promoting inner healing and restoring balance. Whether you are seeking immediate solutions or require extended biotherapy, UNDA Numbers are used to detoxify the body, giving attention to an individual’s needs on a cellular level.

Toxicity Awareness

Did you realize that due to environmental changes, industrialization, food production and storage our bodies accumulate toxins overtime more so now than ever before? These toxins are stored in our tissues, creating a burden on our bodies. From these toxins stem issues such as eczema, nervousness, and problems with the endocrine system, GI tract, women’s cycle and other symptoms. Our bodies try to counteract these toxins—oftentimes inefficiently—by way of elimination through primary pathways of elimination such as:

  • GI tract
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Skin (primary and secondary path)
  • Respiratory tract
  • Emotions (stressors)

Facilitating the body to Eliminate Toxins

Elimination Pathways Anyone can benefit from using biotherapeutic drainage as a method to release toxins from the body. To detoxify the body and achieve a state of homeostasis, ACNH helps the pathways of elimination called emunctories effectively eliminate toxicity by utilizing gemmotherapy (botanicals) and/ or biotherapeutic drainage which can act as a standalone plan or could be in adjunct with:

  • Cell salts (silica)
  • Oligo elements
  • Gammadyn/oligotherapies

Follow up care or procedures can include: castor oil packs, deep breathing (lymphatics).

What are UNDA Numbers?

Dollarphotoclub_64228654 UNDA numbers, which are a part of biotherapeutic drainage, include specially formulated plant and mineral-based combinations that aid the body’s natural ability to remove and eliminate metabolic wastes and other toxins that accumulate in the cells. These toxins can accumulate over time, interfere with your body’s normal physiologic functions, and become a major contributing cause of disease. To view more information about UNDA Numbers, please click here.


How do UNDA Compounds work?

  • They support detoxification within each cell and the organ systems. We use UNDA numbered compounds to open pathways of elimination to support organ drainage.
  • The compounds are well adapted to the theory of homotoxicology, allowing the body to eliminate in a way that supports the body’s normal functions without force.
  • By boosting efficiency of natural immunity, keeping out what is harmful at the level of the skin and mucous membranes, mounting a fever as a response to an infection, and eliminating toxic wastes.
  • Intervene in cases of a disease which is manifesting, by restoring a healthy way of functioning, thereby reducing then eliminating the disease manifestations.