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Insurance-based care promotes hurried visits, high premiums, and symptom based solutions. The rising costs of health care and longer wait times are signs that the conventional approach to healthcare isn’t serving you.

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Our Membership Plan

At Acadiana Center for Natural Health members have unrestricted access to a team of integrative healthcare practitioners who blend the best of conventional and traditional medicine to provide you a better health care experience.

We believe that knowing your doctor provides peace of mind that everyone should have.

By becoming a member of Acadiana Center for Natural Health, you and your family can have comfort in receiving focused, consistent, individualized preventative or ongoing care, while building a relationship with a team of trusted specialists.

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What Your Membership Plan Includes

By joining ACNH’s Naturopathic Direct Care membership you receive unrestricted access to a naturopathic physician. You will receive in-office visits, yearly basic labs consisting of a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) and Lipids panel. In addition you will receive in-house labs provided at our cost (no markup), 15% off of all supplements in office and 10% off of supplements on our online dispensary.

We are committed to providing our clients resources, affordable high-quality supplements and services while providing specialized care to anyone–no matter what stage of life or health they are in.

For more information regarding our plans, contact us at 337-210-5827.

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