Join us for Metabolic Detox 2018 and feel better in the New Year!

Increase energy and vitality, shed a few pounds, decrease chronic pain, improve cognitive function and more!
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Program dates:

February 17th, February 24th, March 3rd


To be held at Acadiana Center for Natural Health in Lafayette, LA

Program Fee: $300 +tax



Easy-to-follow program

Get all the tools you need!

Group support

Encouragement, comradery, accountability.

Professional guidance and individual attention

Detox under the supervision of a licensed naturopathic doctor and a registered dietician!

Delicious recipes

Meal plans and recipes that you’ll enjoy!

What is Metabolic Detox 2018?

Metabolic Detox 2018 is a 3-week group detox program designed to support phase 1,2, 3 detox pathways.

Metabolic detoxification is the safest and most productive when administered under the guidance of a medical provider. Please join us as Dr. Joy Duhon ND and Elizabeth Champagne RD. guide you through a 3-week program to jump-start your detoxification pathways. We will be addressing dietary and lifestyle factors that encourage and support your bodies natural detox pathways.

Why Metabolic Detox?

 Every year, you come in contact with hundreds of harmful chemicals through the air you breathe, food you eat and personal care and household products you use. These chemicals accumulate in your sysem and impact your health. Without proper detox, you will not only end up feeling unwell, you may also develop chronic conditions and may inadvertently end up putting even more chemicals into your body by using pharmaceuticals to treat those conditions. Not detoxing properly can lead to autoimmune conditions due to chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, poor energy, bloating, osteoarthritis. It can also affect your mood and cognition.

The harmful toxins accumulated in your body affect every area of your health – from your digestive function and weight, to your cognitive health, to your libido!

How do I know I need to detox?


Do you experience



Chemical intolerance?


Water retention?

Foggy thinking?

Poor sleep?

Musculoskeletal pain?

Decreased libido?

Does everything seem like a chore because you are ALWAYS TIRED?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from a detox!

This program is perfect for you if you want to increase energy, reduce chronic pain and shed a few pounds!

Metabolic Detox 2018 Key Benefits:

  • Feel better and start enjoying life again.
  • Sleep better and have more energy to do things with your family.
  • No more pushing just to make it through the day.
  • Increased focus, retention, libido, decrease in mood swings.
  • Clearer thinking – no more brain fog!
  • Decreased chronic pain
  • Fewer headaches

We’ll discuss the detox myths and fads.

Plus, we’ll tell you when NOT to detox!

We will discuss the exact tools your body needs to do its job throughout the program!

What you get


 Three 1.5 hour group sessions with a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Registered Dietician ($1080 value)

1infared sauna session ($40 value)

2 scale weigh ins ($70 value) 

2 Bottles of Mediclear Plus  ( $133 value)

1 bottle of Castor oil roll on and organic castor oil cloth ($16)

Total value: $1,339 +tax

Your investment: $300 +tax


Learn in a group of like-minded people

Get encouragement and accountability

Make new friends

Collect new recipes and menu ideas

What you’ll learn

  • How the body detoxes and what is needed to detox the body on a daily basis.

  • What medications and foods can increase and decrease the effectiveness of your detox pathways.

  • How to make your home a safe place for you and your family by learning which products are safe and which ones to avoid.

  • Learn how detoxing REALLY works so you can avoid gimmics that lure you in on how to get healthy in the new year because you will now know how to stay healthy for a lifetime.

  • When NOT to detox.

  • The keys to efficient detoxing

  • Cooking techniques that enhance the detoxifying power of certain foods such as why chopping broccoli makes a difference and how to reactivate detoxing compounds lost from freezing vegetables.

  • Specific foods that enhance and support different detoxification pathways

Program Schedule

Week 1

Saturday, February 17th 10:00am – 11:30am


  • Meet your health professionals, Dr. Joy Duhon, N.D. and Dr. Liz Champaigne, R.D.
  • Program overview
  • Intro to detoxing
  • Instructions for the week
  • Q&A

Week 2

Saturday, February 24th 10:00am – 11:30am


  • “Eat and Detox”
  • Instructions for the week
  • Q&A

Week 3

Saturday, March 3rd 10:00am – 11:30am


  • “Personal care products”
  • Basic Treatment guidelines to support detox on a daily basis.
  • Instructions for the week
  • Q&A

One-time program registration fee: $300 +tax

The registration fee is not refundable due to limited space. Once you sign up, you will not receive a refund due to no-show.

So if your goals are:

To be healthier

To feel better

To have more Energy

To think clearer

To decrease inflammation

To decrease pain

To lose weight

To have regular Bowel Movement

Join us for Metabolic Detox 2018, starting January 20th!

Space is limited, so sign up today!

Where will the program be held?

Metabolic Detox 2018 will be held at Acadiana Center for Natural Health in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We are located at:

325 Kaliste Saloom Road STE 101
Lafayette, La 70508


1. Can I do this if I have high blood pressure?

Yes! The program is safe for you even if you suffer from blood pressure.

2. Can I do this if I am on certain Rx medications?

Once you fill out your Questionnaire and list medications, we will be checking for interactions with anything that we would be giving you to make sure there are no counterindications.

3. Will I feel bad or get sick while going through Metabolic Detox 2018?

No, you should not get sick, but there may be a 2-3 day period of your body adjusting where you could experience increase fatigue or mild headaches.

Have more questions?

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