What is it?

One of the most common chronic diseases in modern society, diabetes is a defect in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism due to insufficient insulin or a defect in the cell’s ability to utilize insulin. Either way, this condition results in high blood sugar levels, which in turn cause other symptoms and pathological changes. Adult-onset, or Type II, diabetes in which cell receptors are insensitive to insulin is much more common than Type I diabetes which often begins in childhood. Because it is asymptomatic in the early stages, Type II diabetes can go undiagnosed for years or decades during which the client’s blood sugars have remained consistently high.

Key Points:

  • Proper long-term blood sugar control, through diet, exercise and necessary medications is crucial
  • Diabetes predisposes a person to cardiovascular disease, stroke, eye problems, kidney disease, and other serious health issues
• A mixture of genetic and environmental factors leads to development of diabetes
  • Sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, and obesity can contribute to the development of Type II diabetes
  • In-utero factors during a fetus’ development may predispose to development of diabetes later in life
  • Gestational diabetes that occurs during pregnancy often resolves after birth
  • But, women who have had gestational diabetes may develop diabetes later on

How do we treat it?

Our primary focus, at first, will be to assist you in getting good control of your blood sugar levels. Every client with diabetes is very different, and we will assist you in determining which diet, supplement, and exercise regime is right for you. Once your blood sugar is controlled with your personalized program, our focus will shift to exploring why you developed diabetes in the first place. There may be inherited factors in your family health history, which will be explored and treated. Often, there are psychological and lifestyle factors as well. We will help you explore any such issues that may be contributing to your illness. Throughout your care, we will continually monitor your blood sugar levels and other lab values to ensure that your care is effective.

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