What is it?

As anyone who has suffered with constipation knows, this affliction can be very uncomfortable. Constipation can mean either infrequent bowel movements or discomfort with or difficulty having a bowel movement. The traditional medical definition of constipation is three or fewer bowel movements per week, however the feeling of fullness or difficulty having a bowel movement can also indicate a problem. Straining, sensation of incomplete stool, and lumpy or hard stools are all indications that constipation may be an issue for you.

Key Points:

• Constipation accounts for 2.5 million physician visits every year

• Laxative use can, in some cases, further exacerbate the condition

• Risk factors include female gender, advanced age, poor diet, low water intake, and low levels of physical activity

• While diet plays a role, low fiber intake is not the only cause of constipation

• Can be caused or exacerbated by medications

• Metabolic or endocrine disorders may be a factor

How do we treat it?

Since constipation can be a symptom of many different issues, we will analyze your health systematically to identify the problem areas. Lab work may be required, and we will recommend the appropriate labs for you if you have not had them done recently. We will assess your diet, exercise, and water intake to identify whether these may be contributing to your condition. Energetically, your body may tend toward dryness, and we will work on that with appropriate remedies. On a deeper level, you may find that your constipation is linked to an emotional need to hold on to something. If this is the case, we will assist you in working through this with the help of remedies such as homeopathics or flower essences, gentle bodywork, or other modalities that seem appropriate.

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