Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis

What is it?

A general term for diseases which cause arterial wall thickening and loss of elasticity, arteriosclerosis (vascular disease) is the leading cause of illness and death in the USA. While several diseases fall into the category of arteriosclerosis, by far the most common is atherosclerosis, which is characterized by patchy thickening of medium and large arteries, which can reduce or block blood flow to organs and tissues of the body.

Key points:

• General terms for vascular disease and thickening of the arterial walls due to plaque

• Inflammation is central to the development of this disease

• Risk factors include hypertension, smoking, diabetes, physical inactivity, and poor diet

• Approximately 1 in 58 people in the US suffer from this problem to some degree

• In 2005, cardiovascular disease contributed to 864,500 deaths (35.3% of all deaths that year)

• Generally asymptomatic until the disease is well-established
• May be reversed with proper intervention

How do we treat it?

Suggestions for this disease primarily focus on inflammation to correct cholesterol levels and ratios. We can assist you in identifying the inflammatory dietary and lifestyle choices that you are making, and suggest alternatives that will promote health. Recommendations may include the anti-inflammatory diet, movement and exercise prescriptions, as well as supplements that will reduce the inflammation in your body over time. But, inflammation does not happen in a bubble and we must uncover the underlying irritants that are precipitating your chronic inflammation. Stressors and imbalances of all kinds can cause the body to produce pro-inflammatory products. Additionally, the liver produces about 95% of the cholesterol in the body (for the backbone of hormones and to make cell membranes healthy). So, a complete plan for arteriosclerosis must support the liver. And, lastly, sclerosis (or hardening) of any kind always indicates an imbalance in mineral metabolism, so the way in which you are processing minerals must be examined.

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