Liz Champagne, RD

My interest in nutrition began early in life.  I recall standing in the school cafeteria pondering on the meaning of the poster proclaiming, “You Are What You Eat.”  It was my mother who introduced me to the idea of becoming a dietitian. I had never heard of this career path before, but instantly knew that I wanted to pursue it.

Upon graduation from Louisiana Tech University, I began my career at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Alexandria, LA.  There, I was exposed to every aspect of Dietetics.  I was happiest when I was working with clients that needed my help the most such as Oncology and Post Op Surgical clients, both requiring aggressive nutrition support for healing.  Thus, after taking a career break to raise and homeschool my three sons, I knew that I wanted to open a private practice that focused on helping clients heal their body through food and nutrition.

At this point in time, the fascinating movement of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition was emerging.  I jumped full force into this new and exciting environment, starting with becoming a Certified Leap Therapist who specializes in helping clients identify food sensitivities that may be contributing to their health concerns.  To further advance my skills, I have taken intense nutrition courses focusing on Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy. I have also taken mastery courses on nutritional interventions for children on the Spectrum including Autism and ADD/ADHD and nutrition mastery courses on diseases of the GI Tract.  At present, I am pursuing certification as a Functional Nutritionist through the Integrative Functional Nutrition Academy.

As a dietitian trained in functional nutrition, I am skilled in the art of individualizing nutrition care plans.  Frequently, clients are following diets that focuses on only one part of their disease process.  In reality, many clients need multiple components of different dietary approaches that are individualized for the uniqueness of their symptoms.  For example, children on the Spectrum frequently require more than just a Gluten and Casein Free Elimination Diet.  For parents to truly see the benefits of nutritional intervention, additional food eliminations such as the removal of Amines, Phenols, and/or Salicylates are often indicated.

I am professionally trained to design Elimination Diets including Gluten and Casein Free, FODMAPS, Specific Carbohydrate (SCD), GAPs, Paleo, Candida, and FAILSAFE/FEINGOLD diets and recognize when the need to individualize these diets are indicated for the best client outcomes.  I also have extensive background and expertise with helping clients manage their Diabetes, both Type One and Type Two, and have helped many clients achieve their weight loss goals.

I practice in Lafayette, LA but offer phone consultations as well.  I work with all age groups.  My goal is to help clients identify the root cause of their health concerns and the role of food and nutrition in their healing journey.

I am honored to be a part of naturopathic physician, Dr. Joy Duhon’s Acadiana Center for Natural Health group and feel that this partnership greatly enhances client outcomes.

I am passionate about my career and look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

Liz Champagne, R.D.