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Who we are

Acadiana Center for Natural Health is a Naturopathic Medicine Practice in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Joy Duhon, ND, has helped hundreds of clients to restore and maintain their health. We have solutions for you, too.

How we can help

We provide innovative, comprehensive care to heal your body from within and to improve your overall health by using natural solutions. We are different from conventional doctors in that we don’t segregate body systems and treat the whole person instead.

Naturopathic Medicine can help all forms of health concerns and is suitable for people of all ages and stages of life. In the states that Naturopathic Doctors are licensed they are primary health care providers and are qualified to see and treat everyone. Whether your goal is general health promotion and disease prevention, or you have a specific health concern, Naturopathic Medicine is for anyone who wants to take charge of his or her health and experience improved quality of life.

Our approach

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Duhon takes a unique approach and looks at the body as a whole because all of our body systems interact with one another. When you visit Acadiana Center for Natural Health, we conduct a health assessment and prioritize your health goals and complaints. We then decide where we are going to start to help you achieve your health goals.  We work with you to improve your health by using botanicals and nutraceuticals vs. pharmaceuticals.  We use labs to confirm what we are suspecting, to either rule it in or rule it out.

Why Acadiana Center for Natural Health

Acadiana Center for Natural Health offers compassionate, caring and results oriented care.

Dr. Duhon

  • Has extensive training in botanicals and nutraceuticals.
  • Will work with your current medical doctors
  • Will always conduct extensive testing (labs) before recommending supplements
  • Received hands-on medical training from a federally accredited naturopathic medical school

“I take time to listen to your story and understand your complaints and your health goals. I am passionate about forming a partnership with you and working together to help you achieve optimal health naturally.”

Client Success Stories

My son had horrible eczema on the feet and legs, very itchy at night. I wanted something that would heal from the inside and out rather than just putting a cream to subside symptoms, which is what most medical doctors recommended. I knew it was something much deeper causing the issue but I needed help figuring out exactly what it was. Through the help of Dr. Duhon, food journaling and certain tests, we were able to finally figure out the cause. Once we eliminated high histamine foods and followed the supplement regimen Dr. Duhon recommended, the eczema was gone! It has been gone for about 9 months. My son is now able to eat a wider range of foods that he could not eat before. We are so happy! And so is he! Nicole B.

I had just had my second miscarriage and I was a mom of two toddlers (3 and 2), working full time and stressed to the max. After having my second miscarriage I wanted to seek help discovering the underlying cause and not just take the response “it just happens” like I had been from my OBYGN. I am currently 6 months pregnant with my third boy and although stressful at times, with the help of my supplements and Dr. Duhon’s support I can say I was fully satisfied under Dr. Duhon’s care. I love naturopathic medicine because it is getting down to the root of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. I love how Dr. Duhon sits down with you and talks to you and you do not feel rushed. Ashley P.

My health was slowly declining, despite my efforts to make healthy changes. I had been diagnosed with auto-immune Graves disease and had been taking medication for it since 2008. I was struggling more and more to manage stress, and was suffering with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic constipation. When a trusted friend shared some of the things she learned from Dr. Duhon, I was hopeful that maybe she could help me. I am definitely in better health now than I was when I began seeing Dr. Duhon. I have more energy than I have had in over 15 years and weigh less than I have in over 20 years. I have hope, a plan of action and the support to get there!


Julie L.

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